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Follistatin (FST) is a secreted glycoprotein that binds and neutralizes several TGF-beta superfamily proteins including Activin, BMP-6, BMP-7, and GDF-8/Myostatin. It also binds Angiogenin and regulates hematopoietic stem cell adhesion to Fibronectin.

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Custom Simple Plex Assay Panel 

Build your own Multianalyte or Multi-plex biomarker immunoassay panel for Ella

Human Luminex Discovery Assay 

Simple Plex Human Follistatin Cartridge 

Simple Plex Cartridge Kit for quantitation of Follistatin. Includes wash buffer and sample diluent. For use with the Ella automated immunoassay system.

Human Follistatin Antibody 

Human Follistatin Antibody 

Simple Plex Control for Human Follistatin 

Control for use with Human Follistatin Simple Plex Cartridge Kit
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