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Many membrane proteins also occur as in soluble forms due to proteolytic cleavage by secretases. alpha-, beta-, and gamma-secretases are best known for their cleavage of APP, the protein precursor of amyloid beta peptide (A beta), a major component of Alzheimer's disease plaques.

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Gamma γ-secretase inhibitor; induces neuronal differentiation; blocks Notch signaling

Compound E 

γ-secretase inhibitor; induces neuronal differentiation


DAPT synthesized to Ancillary Material Grade


γ-secretase inhibitor; inhibits Notch pathway


Potent and selective γ-secretase inhibitor

BMS 299897 

Potent γ-secretase inhibitor

MRK 560 

γ-secretase inhibitor; attenuates amyloid plaque deposition

TC-E 5006 

γ-secretase modulator; reduces Aβ42 levels

PF 3084014 hydrobromide 

Potent γ-secretase inhibitor


Highly potent γ-secretase inhibitor; orally bioavailable

LY 450139 

γ-secretase pseudo-inhibitor


DBZ synthesized to Ancillary Material Grade
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