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Group II mGluR Agonists: Products

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LY 354740 

Potent and highly selective group II mGlu agonist


Highly potent group II mGlu agonist; also NMDA agonist


Group I and group II mGlu agonist; active isomer of (±)-trans-ACPD (Cat. No. 0187)


Competitive group I mGlu antagonist; also weak group II agonist


Potent group II mGlu agonist


Highly selective group II agonist

LY 379268 

Highly selective group II mGlu agonist

LY 379268 disodium salt 

Selective group II mGlu agonist; sodium salt of LY 379268 (Cat. No. 2453)


Group I and II mGlu agonist
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