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Interleukin 31 (IL-31) is a secreted, T-cell-derived, 24-kDa, short-chain member of the alpha-helical family of cytokines. The mature region is 141 amino acids (aa) in length and exhibits four alpha-helices. Human and mouse IL-31 are highly divergent at 24% aa sequence identity.

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Human Luminex® Discovery Assay 

Proteome Profiler Human XL Cytokine Array Kit 

Contains 4 membranes - each spotted in duplicate with 105 different cytokine antibodies

Human High Sensitivity Cytokine B Premixed Magnetic Luminex® Performance Assay 

Build your own Human High Sensitivity (HS) Cytokine Premixed Luminex Performance Assay using our custom ordering tool. Earn double rewards for reviews

Human IL-31 Antibody 

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Human IL-31 Biotinylated Antibody 


Mouse IL-31 Antibody 

Human IL-31 Antibody 

Human IL-31 Antibody 

Mouse IL-31 Antibody 


Mouse XL Cytokine Luminex® Performance Premixed Kit 

Human IL-31 High Sensitivity Magnetic Luminex® Performance Assay 

Mouse XL IL-31, Luminex® Performance Assay 

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