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Retinoic acid 

Endogenous retinoic acid receptor agonist


Retinoic acid analog; RAR agonist

BMS 753 

RARα-selective agonist

CD 1530 

Potent and selective RARγ agonist

AM 80 

RARα agonist; anticancer agent

CD 2314 

Selective RARβ agonist

AM 580 

AM 580 synthesized to Ancillary Material Grade

AM 580 

Retinoic acid analog; RARα agonist

CD 437 

RARγ-selective agonist

Ch 55 

Potent RAR agonist


RARβ and RARγ agonist

BMS 961 

Selective RARγ agonist

AC 261066 

RARβ2 agonist

DC 271 

Fluorescent retinoic acid analog; solvochromatic probe
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