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DNA Topoisomerase Inhibitors: Products

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Doxorubicin hydrochloride 

Antitumor antibiotic agent. Inhibits DNA topoisomerase II


DNA topoisomerase inhibitor


Topoisomerase II inhibitor


DNA topoisomerase II inhibitor; viral transduction enhancer

SN 38 

DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor; antitumor

Topotecan hydrochloride 

DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor; Camptothecin (Cat. No. 1100) analog

CPT 11 

DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor; antitumor

NU 2058 

Cdk1 and cdk2 inhibitor


Inhibits TNF-α-induced NF-κB activation

Dexrazoxane hydrochloride 

Topoisomerase II inhibitor

Trovafloxacin mesylate 

Antibiotic; inhibits bacterial DNA synthesis

Banoxantrone dihydrochloride 

Prodrug topoisomerase II inhibitor
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