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MDM2 is a key regulator of p53 tumor suppressor protein activity and stability. MDM2 binds to and inhibits the transactivation domain of p53.

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MDM2 antagonist; inhibits MDM2-p53 interaction

Nutlin 3a 

MDM2 antagonist; active enantiomer of Nutlin-3 (Cat. No. 3984)


MDM2-p53 interaction inhibitor

HLI 373 

Hdm2 inhibitor; activates p53-dependent transcription

SP 141 

High affinity MDM2 inhibitor

YH 239-EE 

Promotes survival of muscle stem cells (MuSCs); MDM2 inhibitor; activates p53 activity


Potent MDM2 inhibitor; inhibits MDM2-p53 interaction
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