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mTOR inhibitor; immunosuppressant

Torin 1 

Potent and selective mTOR inhibitor


mTOR inhibitor; Immunosuppressant

PI 103 hydrochloride 

Inhibitor of PI 3-kinase, mTOR and DNA-PK

Torin 2 

Potent and selective mTOR inhibitor

KU 0063794 

Selective mTOR inhibitor


STAT3 inhibitor; also inhibits mTORC1 signaling

ETP 45658 

Potent PI 3-kinase inhibitor; also inhibits DNA-PK and mTOR


mTOR inhibitor; antitumor

PP 121 

Dual kinase inhibitor; inhibits PI 3-K family kinases

PP 242 

Dual mTORC1/mTORC2 inhibitor

WYE 687 dihydrochloride 

Potent and selective mTOR inhibitor

PF 04691502 

Potent and selective dual PI 3-K/mTOR inhibitor


Highly potent PI 3-kinase inhibitor; also potent inhibitor of mTOR and DNA-PK
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