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P2Y Receptor Agonists: Products

Part of the are G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) family, P2Y purinergic receptors are activated by extracellular adenine and uridine nucleotides. They are found in most human tissues.

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ATP disodium salt 

P2 agonist

BzATP triethylammonium salt 

Photoaffinity label for ATPase; also P2X7 agonist and P2X1/P2Y1 partial agonist

ATPγS tetralithium salt 

Non-selective P2 agonist; analog of ATP (Cat. No. 3245)

MRS 2905 

Potent and selective P2Y14 receptor agonist

2-Methylthioadenosine diphosphate trisodium salt 

Potent agonist at P2Y1, P2Y12 and P2Y13

MRS 2365 

Highly potent and selective P2Y1 agonist

2-Methylthioadenosine triphosphate tetrasodium salt 

Non-selective P2 agonist

MRS 2693 trisodium salt 

Selective P2Y6 agonist

MRS 2690 

Potent P2Y14 agonist

2-ThioUTP tetrasodium salt 

Potent and selective P2Y2 agonist

MRS 2768 tetrasodium salt 

Selective P2Y2 agonist

NF 546 

Selective P2Y11 agonist

MRS 4062 triethylammonium salt 

Selective P2Y4 receptor agonist

PSB 1114 

Potent, selective P2Y2 agonist
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