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The Ras proteins (H-Ras, N-Ras, and two splice variants of K-Ras) define a closely related family of 21 kDa GTPases that cycle between GTP-bound active and GDP-bound inactive states at the cytoplasmic face of the plasma membrane.

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Human Ras Antibody 

Zoledronic Acid 

Potent farnesyl diphosphate (FPP) synthase inhibitor

LC 2 

Selective KRAS PROTAC®


High affinity PDEδ-KRas interaction inhibitor; binds to PDEδ

GNF 7 

Ras signaling inhibitor; inhibits Ack1 and GCK

Fendiline Hydrochloride 

Inhibits KRas localization to the plasma membrane; also L-type calcium channel blocker

ML 210 

Selectively kills mutant HRAS-expressing cells; glutathione peroxidase inhibitor; induces ferroptosis


Leucyl-tRNA synthase (TRS)/Ras-related GTP-binding protein D (RagD) interaction inhibitor

BAY 293 

Potent KRas/SOS1 interaction inhibitor

BAY 293 Negative Control 

Negative control for BAY 293 (Cat. No. 6857)


KRas/SOS1 interaction inhibitor

LC 2 Epimer 

Negative control for LC 2 (Cat. No. 7420)

MRTX 849 

Mutation-selective inhibitor of KRASG12C


Potent and selective KRASG12D inhibitor
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