Atlanta Biologicals is Now R&D Systems

Atlanta Biologicals is Now R&D Systems

In January 2020, the Atlanta Biologicals brand of trusted serum and media products will be rebranded as R&D Systems. Because of their similarities in product quality and experience, it was natural for R&D Systems to become the sole brand for all cell culture serum and media products offered by Bio-Techne. In doing so, researchers will benefit from an expanded portfolio of culture reagents and an experience that enables the purchase of media, serum, proteins, antibodies and more from a single, trusted source.

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Welcome to the New R&D Systems Cell Culture Solutions Portfolio!



Brand Transition Details and FAQs

What will remain the same?


  • Product quality - R&D Systems serum and media will adhere to the quality processing and manufacturing standards established over 30 years at the Atlanta Biologicals facility in Flower Branch, Georgia. Now being an R&D Systems brand product, even higher quality oversight has been implemented, including manufacturing of US-origin, USDA-Aphis certified, serum in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. In short, the products you will receive under the R&D Systems brand will maintain the same high-quality standards, an expectation of product excellence, and experience in cell culture manufacturing as you expect from the Atlanta Biologicals brand.
  • Selection - The full portfolio of Atlanta Biologicals serum, media, and cell culture supplements are offered as an R&D Systems brand.
  • Catalog numbers – R&D Systems will retain the catalog numbers from Atlanta Biologicals. This will enable our legacy serum and media customers to easily reorder their products and will facilitate the purchasing of Atlanta Biological products cited in the primary literature.


What will change?


  • Branding - As we retire the Atlanta Biologicals’ brand, you will start to receive products, datasheets, Certificates of Analysis, and protocols featuring the R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand logo.
  • Purchase location - All former Atlanta Biologicals brand serum and media will now be sold exclusively on the R&D Systems website.
  • Customer support - If you have difficulty finding the products you need during this transition, the Bio-Techne support team can help!
  • Technical service - Bio-Techne’s industry-renowned technical service team will now support the serum and media products. We’re experts in cell culture, so trust our technical team to answer your product inquiries.