Immune Cell Culture

Immune cell culture - CellXVivo Kits for Immunology

The immune cell culture workflow can be broken into four basic workflow steps: Isolate, Verify, Culture, and Investigate. R&D Systems specializes in providing the highest quality reagents across the various workflow stages for culturing subsets of leukocytes. Follow the workflow navigation below to search through our cell isolation kits, flow cytometry kits, immune cell differentiation and expansion kits, ELISAs, antibodies, bioactive proteins, and cell markers.View our complete Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions at

Isolation Kits

Positive and negative cell selection kits to isolate immune cells for cell culture.

Enrichment Kits

Columns for the enrichment of immune cells from mononuclear suspensions.

Multi-color Flow Cytometry Kits

Kits for the single-step staining of immune cell populations. Each kit contains multiple fluorochrome-conjugated primary antibodies that can be used simultaneously to stain the cell type of interest.

Antibodies for Identifying Specific Cell Types

To verify the identity of isolated, expanded, or differentiated immune cells in culture with cell type-specific marker antibodies.

Cell Expansion and Differentiation

Optimized reagents for the differentiation or expansion of leukocyte populations in culture.

ExCellerate Human T Cell Expansion Media, Xeno-free

An enhanced and xeno-free media for expanding human T cells.

Human Serum-Free T Cell Base Media

Defined, serum-free media optimized for the ex vivo expansion of human T lymphocytes.

Human Serum-Free Dendritic Cell Base Media

Optimized for dendritic cell culture and differentiation of CD14+ monocytes into monocyte-derived dendritic cells.

ExCellerate™ B Cell Media, Xeno-free

An enhanced media for the expansion and clonal growth of B cells.

Recombinant Cytokines

Search for high-quality cytokines that optimize immune cell expansion, proliferation, and differentiation.

ProDots Proteins

R&D Systems proteins re-packaged for simplified immune cell culture media preparation.

DMEM, MEM, and RPMI 1640

Freezing media for human, mouse, and rat MSC cryopreservation.

Fetal Bovine Serum

Standard and specialty grades of USDA-approved FBS.

Assess Cell Function

Reagents, kits, and assays for assessing the characteristics of proper T cell function, including cytokine production.

Cell Proliferation and Viability Assays

Reagents for studying cell proliferation, viability, and cytotoxicity including fluorescent and non-fluorescent reporter dyes and MTT assays.