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Prosaptide TX14(A) 

Potent GPR37 and GPR37L1 agonist

TC-G 1008 

Potent and selective GPR39 agonist

JNJ 63533054 

Potent and selective GPR139 agonist

PF9 tetrasodium salt 

Potent GPR17 agonist

TC-O 9311 

Potent and selective GPR139 agonist

YE 120 

GPR35 agonist


Selective HCA1 agonist

TC-G 1001 

GPR35 agonist; more potent than zaprinast (Cat. No. 0947)


Selective positive allosteric modulator at GPR68


Highly potent GPR183 (EBI2) agonist

TM N1324 

Potent and selective GPR39 agonist; orally bioavailable

CID 1375606 

GPR27 agonist

DJ-V 159 

GPRC6A agonist


Potent and selective GPR52 agonist; orally bioavailable and BBB permeable
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