Animal-Free Recombinant Proteins

R&D Systems has produced high quality proteins for the research community for more than 35 years. To support developing research and bioproduction demands, we offer products manufactured in a laboratory exclusively dedicated to the production and purification of recombinant proteins under animal-free conditions. Preclinical animal-free proteins are particularly important for researchers concerned with experimental variables caused by trace animal components or mammalian pathogens. Our products generated under animal-free conditions share the same biological activities as those produced using our standard laboratory techniques. Both the preclinical animal-free proteins and the corresponding GMP proteins are manufactured using the same method and have identical expression systems. This ensures a seamless transition from preclinical development to the clinical stage.


Preclinical Animal-Free and GMP Proteins

Protein (Human, Ecoli) Catalog # Preclinical Animal-Free Catalog # GMP Animal-Free DMF Filed For GMP
Activin A AFL338    
Betacellulin BT-BTC-AFL BT-BTC-GMP  
BMP-4 AFL314E 314E-GMP  
CD40 Ligand/TNFSF5 aa 108-261 AFL617    
EGF AFL236    
FGF acidic/FGF1 AFL232    
FGF basic/FGF2/bFGF AFL3718 3718-GMP  
FGF basic/FGF2/bFGF (146 aa) AFL233    
FGF-4 AFL235    
Flt-3 Ligand/FLT3L AFL308E 308E-GMP Yes
G-CSF AFL214    
GM-CSF AFL215 215-GMP  
IFN-gamma AFL285 285-GMP Yes
IGF-I/IGF-1 AFL291 291-GMP  
IL-1 beta/IL-1F2 AFL201 201-GMP  
IL-2 BT-002-AFL BT-002-GMP  
IL-3 AFL203 203-GMP  
IL-4 AFL204 204-GMP Yes
IL-6 AFL206 206-GMP  
IL-7 BT-007-AFL   BT-007-GMP  Yes
IL-15 BT-015-AFL BT-015-GMP Yes
IL-21 AFL8879 8879-GMP Yes
M-CSF AFL216 216-GMP  
PDGF-AA AFL221 221-GMP  
PDGF-BB AFL220 220-GMP  
SCF/c-kit Ligand AFL255 255B-GMP Yes
Sonic Hedgehog/Shh AFL1845 1845-GMP  
Thrombopoietin AFL288 (Coming Soon) 288E-GMP  
TNF-alpha AFL210 210-GMP  
Animal-Free Manufacturing Conditions

R&D Systems uses dedicated animal-free fermenters in controlled-access labs. This ensures that the products are never exposed to potential contamination by animal components or byproducts.

Our dedicated controlled-access animal-free laboratories ensure that at no point in production are the products exposed to potential contamination by animal products. Every stage of manufacturing is conducted in compliance with R&D Systems stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Production and purification procedures use equipment and media that are confirmed animal-free.

R&D Systems uses dedicated animal-free fermenters in controlled-access labs. This ensures that the products are never exposed to potential contamination by animal products.



  • All molecular biology procedures use animal-free media and dedicated labware.
  • Dedicated fermentors are utilized in committed animal-free areas.


  • Protein purification columns are animal-free.
  • Bulk proteins are filtered using animal-free filters.
  • Purified proteins are stored in animal-free containers in a dedicated cold storage room.

Quality Assurance

  • Endotoxin Level: < 1.0 EU per 1 µg of product.
  • No impairment of biological activity.
  • High quality product obtained under stringent conditions.
  • For ex vivo research or bioproduction, additional documentation can be provided.

Please read our complete Animal-Free Statement

Bioactivity of Animal-Free Derived IL-1 beta.
Bioactivity of Animal-Free Derived IL-1 beta. T helper mouse D10.G4.1 cell proliferation was studied following treatment with the indicated concentrations of animal-free recombinant mouse IL-1 beta (Catalog # AFL401; red line) or recombinant mouse IL-1 beta produced in a typical animal environment (Catalog # 401-ML; brown line). Cell number was assessed by a fluorometric assay using the redox sensitive dye, Resazurin (Catalog # AR002). This data confirms the high bioactivity of our animal-free product and demonstrates that it is comparable to the same molecule produced under typical conditions.       


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