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The Actin protein, a component of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton, is highly conserved between multiple species. Actin is a globular protein of approximately 42kDa. Levels of the Actin protein may vary between different cell types, but are consistent within a given cell type.

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Latrunculin A 

Inhibitor of actin assembly and polymerization

Cytochalasin D 

Disrupts actin filament function

Latrunculin B 

Inhibitor of actin polymerization


Stabilizes F-actin; promotes actin polymerization

Cytochalasin B 

Inhibitor of actin polymerization

CK 666 

Arp2/3 inhibitor; inhibits actin polymerization


FH2 domain inhibitor; prevents actin nucleation


Promotes actin polymerization


N-WASP inhibitor; inhibits Arp2/3 activation

Chaetoglobosin A 

Antibiotic; selectively induces apoptosis of CLL cells
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