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Histamine is a ubiquitous messenger molecule released from mast cells, enterochromaffin-like cells, and neurons. Its various actions are mediated by histamine receptors Histamine H1 R, Histamine H2 R, Histamine H3 R and Histamine H4 R.

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(R)-(-)-α-Methylhistamine dihydrobromide

Potent, standard H3 agonist

Immethridine dihydrobromide

Potent H3 agonist, highly selective over H4

(S)-(+)-α-Methylhistamine dihydrobromide

H3 agonist, less active enantiomer

Nα-Methylhistamine dihydrochloride

Non-selective H3 agonist


H3 antagonist; also H4 inverse agonist

Imetit dihydrobromide

Standard H3 and H4 agonist (H3 > H4)

Clobenpropit dihydrobromide

Highly potent H3 antagonist and H4 partial agonist

Iodophenpropit dihydrobromide

Potent, selective H3 antagonist

Immepip dihydrobromide

Standard H3 agonist. Also H4 agonist

Impentamine dihydrobromide

Selective H3 antagonist

Histamine H3 Receptor Tocriset™

Selection of 5 histamine H3 receptor ligands (Cat. Nos. 0729, 0569, 0752, 0779 and 0644)

ROS 234 dioxalate

Potent H3 antagonist

Carcinine ditrifluoroacetate

Highly selective H3 antagonist


Potent and selective H3 receptor antagonist

GT 2016

Selective H3 antagonist

Proxyfan oxalate

High affinity H3 ligand

VUF 5681 dihydrobromide

Potent H3 receptor silent antagonist

BF 2649 hydrochloride

Potent and selective H3 receptor inverse agonist

JNJ 10181457 dihydrochloride

H3 antagonist

JNJ 5207852 dihydrochloride

High affinity H3 receptor antagonist

A 331440 dihydrochloride

Selective H3 antagonist
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