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The p38 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinases (MAPKs) are a family of four related Ser/Thr kinases activated by proinflammatory cytokines and environmental stresses.

The most frequently analyzed family member, p38 alpha, also known as SAPK2a and MAPK14, was initially purified as a kinase critical to the signaling cascade linking IL-1 to MAPKAPK-2 and the small heat shock protein HSP27. Ubiquitously expressed, p38 alpha is dually phosphorylated by MKK3 and MKK6 at Thr180 and Tyr182. Once activated, p38 alpha phosphorylates a number of targets, including the cytoplasmic kinases MNK 4 and PRAK5 and the nuclear transcription factors ATF2 1 and STAT1. Several promising compounds that inhibit p38 alpha are being investigated as potential therapies for arthritic and inflammatory diseases.

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SB 202190 

Potent, selective inhibitor of p38 MAPK

SB 203580 

Selective inhibitor of p38 MAPK

BIRB 796 

High affinity and selective p38 kinase inhibitor

SB 203580 hydrochloride 

Selective inhibitor of p38 MAPK; water-soluble

SB 239063 

Potent, selective p38 MAPK inhibitor; orally active


Selective inhibitor of p38α-mediated MK2a phosphorylation; also tubulin polymerization inhibitor

EO 1428 

Selective inhibitor of p38α and p38β2

RWJ 67657 

Potent, selective p38α and p38β inhibitor

SCIO 469 hydrochloride 

Selective p38 MAPK inhibitor

VX 745 

Potent and selective p38α inhibitor

AMG 548 

Potent and selective p38α inhibitor

TAK 715 

Potent p38 MAPK inhibitor; anti-inflammatory

AL 8697 

Potent and selective p38α inhibitor

SB 706504 

p38 MAPK inhibitor

DBM 1285 dihydrochloride 

p38 MAPK inhibitor; anti-inflammatory

PH 797804 

Potent and selective p38α/β inhibitor
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