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NBQX disodium salt 

Potent AMPA antagonist; more water soluble form of NBQX (Cat. No. 0373)

CNQX disodium salt 

Potent non-NMDA iGluR antagonist; more water soluble form of CNQX (Cat. No. 0190)

DNQX disodium salt 

Selective non-NMDA iGluR antagonist; water-soluble salt of DNQX (Cat. No. 0189)


Potent and selective non-NMDA iGluR antagonist


Potent AMPA antagonist; more selective than CNQX (Cat. No. 0190)

Naspm trihydrochloride 

Ca2+-permeable AMPA antagonist


Selective non-NMDA iGluR antagonist

GYKI 53655 hydrochloride 

Non-competitive non-NMDA iGluR antagonist

Evans Blue tetrasodium salt 

Dye for assessing cell viability and blood brain barrier permeability; also EAAT inhibitor and iGluR antagonist

CP 465022 hydrochloride 

Selective and non-competitive AMPA antagonist

IEM 1925 dihydrobromide 

Voltage- and use-dependent open-channel AMPA blocker


Non-competitive AMPA antagonist

GYKI 52466 dihydrochloride 

Selective non-competitive AMPA antagonist

ZK 200775 

Competitive non-NMDA iGluR antagonist

YM 90K hydrochloride 

Selective AMPA antagonist

Philanthotoxin 74 

GluA1 and GluA3 selective AMPA antagonist

GYKI 47261 dihydrochloride 

Non-competitive AMPA antagonist


Non-competitive non-NMDA iGluR antagonist
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