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Vanilloid receptor antagonist; also activator of ENaCδ

Ruthenium Red 

Non-selective CaV2.1 and 2.2 blocker; also blocks TRPV channels


Potent, silent TRPV1 antagonist

SB 366791 

Potent, selective, competitive TRPV1 antagonist

AMG 9810 

Potent and selective, competitive antagonist of TRPV1

HC 067047 

Potent and selective TRPV4 antagonist

A 784168 

Potent and selective TRPV1 antagonist

RN 1734 

Selective TRPV4 antagonist

GSK 2193874 

Potent and selective TRPV4 antagonist; orally active

AMG 517 

Potent TRPV1 antagonist


Antiallergic; inhibits inflammatory mediator release from mast cells


TRPV1 antagonist peptide

Arachidonyl serotonin 

Dual FAAH inhibitor/TRPV1 antagonist

SB 452533 

Potent TRPV1 receptor antagonist

JNJ 17203212 

Reversible, competitive and potent TRPV1 antagonist


TRPV1 antagonist

AMG 21629 

Potent and selective TRPV1 antagonist


TRPV1 antagonist; active in vivo

AC 4 

Photoswitchable TRPV1 channel blocker

RN 9893 hydrochloride 

Potent and selective TRPV4 antagonist

A 425619 

Potent TRPV1 antagonist


Potent, competitive vanilloid receptor antagonist
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