Western blotting antibodies for analytes related to the Human Phospho-MAPK Array Kit

Analyte Phospho-Specific Antibodies Affinity Purified Polyclonal Antibodies (Total) Monoclonal Antibodies (Total) Labeled Antibodies (Total)
Akt1 (S473)   AF1775, AF17751 MAB1775, MAB17752  
Akt2 (S474)   AF2315, AF23151 MAB2315  
Akt3 (S472)     MAB1463  
Akt pan (S473, S474, S472) AF887 AF2055 MAB2055  
ERK1 (T202/Y204)   AF1879, AF1940, AF1575 MAB1940 BAF1879
ERK2 (T185/Y187)   AF1230, AF12301 MAB1230  
GSK-3 alpha/beta (S21/S9) AF1590 (S21/S9) AF2157    
GSK-3 beta (S9)     MAB2506  
HSP27 (S78/S82) AF2314 (S78/S82) AF1580, AF15801    
JNK1 (T183/Y185)     MAB1776, MAB11761  
JNK2 (T183/Y185)   AF1846 MAB1846  
JNK3 (T221/Y223)        
JNK pan (T183/Y185, T221/Y223) AF1205 (T183/Y185) AF1387 MAB1387  
MSK2 (S360)     MAB2310  
p38alpha (T180/Y182)   AF8691 MAB869  
p38beta (T180/Y182)     MAB5885  
p38gamma (T183/Y185)   AF1347, AF1644 MAB1347  
p38delta (T180/Y182)   AF1519 MAB1519  
RSK1 (S380)   AF992    
RSK2 (S386)   AF1518    
p70 S6K (T421/S424) AF8965 (T421/S424) AF8962, AF8964 MAB8962