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Akt1, Akt2, and Akt3 make up a family of serine/threonine kinases, often activated downstream of growth factor receptors and PI 3-Kinase. Each Akt family member contains an N-terminal pleckstrin homology (PH) domain, a central kinase domain, and a C-terminal regulatory domain.

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Human/Mouse/Rat Phospho-Akt (S473) Pan Specific Antibody

4 Images
CyTOF-ready, Flow, IHC, Simple Western, WB

Human/Mouse/Rat Akt Pan Specific Antibody

6 Images
CyTOF-ready, Flow, ICC/IF, Simple Western, WB

Human/Mouse/Rat Akt2 Antibody

5 Images
IHC, Simple Western, WB

Human/Mouse/Rat Akt2 Antibody

3 Images
Simple Western, WB

Proteome Profiler Human Phospho-MAPK Array Kit

Contains 4 membranes - each spotted in duplicate with 26 different MAPK antibodies

Human Akt2 Antibody

2 Images
CyTOF-ready, Flow, IHC

SC 79

Akt activator


Potent and selective dual Akt1 and 2 inhibitor


Selective inhibitor of Akt/PKB signaling. Antitumor and antiviral

10-DEBC hydrochloride

Selective Akt/PKB inhibitor

FPA 124

Akt/PKB inhibitor


Selective Akt/PKB inhibitor. Antitumor

GSK 690693

Akt kinase inhibitor. Antitumor

SC 66

Allosteric Akt inhibitor
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