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MPEP hydrochloride 

Potent mGlu5 antagonist; also positive allosteric modulator of mGlu4 receptors

LY 367385 

Selective mGlu1a antagonist

MTEP hydrochloride 

Potent and selective mGlu5 antagonist


Non-selective mGlu antagonist; active isomer of (RS)-MCPG (Cat. No. 0336)


Potent and selective group I mGlu antagonist


Selective non-competitive mGlu1 antagonist

JNJ 16259685 

Highly potent, mGlu1-selective non-competitive antagonist


Group I mGlu antagonist; also phosphoserine phosphatase inhibitor


Competitive group I mGlu antagonist; also weak group II agonist


Non-selective mGlu antagonist


Potent group I mGlu antagonist

SIB 1893 

mGlu5 antagonist; also positive allosteric modulator at mGlu4 receptors

LY 456236 hydrochloride 

Selective mGlu1 antagonist

Desmethyl-YM 298198 

Derivative of mGlu1 antagonist YM 298198 (Cat. No. 2448)

YM 298198 hydrochloride 

Highly potent, selective non-competitive mGlu1 antagonist

Bay 36-7620 

mGlu1 inverse agonist

(RS)-MCPG disodium salt 

Non-selective mGlu antagonist; disodium salt of (RS)-MCPG (Cat. No. 0336)

NPS 2390 

Group I mGlu antagonist

ABP 688 

High affinity human mGlu5 antagonist

AZD 9272 

Potent and selective mGlu5 antagonist; brain penetrant

AZD 2066 

mGlu5 antagonist; orally bioavailable and brain penetrant

YM 202074 sesquifumarate 

High affinity, selective mGlu1 antagonist
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