Flow Cytometry

Troubleshooting Guide: Fluorokine Flow Cytometry Kits

Fluorokine® Receptor Detection Kits are designed as alternative reagents for the detection of cell surface cytokine receptors by flow cytometry. Although the staining procedure of cells with this line of reagents is straight forward, some situations can present difficulties in data interpretation. In the table below, we attempt to point out some common problems that users of Fluorokine Receptor Detection Kits may encounter. The variable nature of cytometry instrumentation and instrument set-up can dramatically influence the quality of data generated with these reagents.

Analysis of Cell Viability using 7-Amino Actinomycin D (7-AAD)

Flow cytometry provides a rapid and reliable method to quantify viable cells in a cell suspension. Determination of cell viability is critical when evaluating the physiological state of cells, such as in response to cytotoxic drugs and environmental factors, or during the progression of cancer and other disease states. In addition, it is often necessary to detect dead cells in a cell suspension in order to exclude them from analysis.