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Ca2+ release inhibitor

Ionomycin calcium salt

Calcium ionophore

SKF 96365 hydrochloride

TRPC channel blocker; also inhibits store-operated Ca2+ entry

(-)-Xestospongin C

Reported inhibitor of IP3-dependent Ca2+ release


Cell-permeable Ca2+ chelator

Dantrolene, sodium salt

Ca2+ release inhibitor

A23187, free acid

Calcium ionophore

Ruthenium Red

Non-selective Ca2+ channel blocker (N- and P-type)

Ionomycin free acid

Calcium ionophore


Selective calcium chelator


Calcium chelating agent

NAADP tetrasodium salt

Ca2+ mobilizing agent

YM 58483

Inhibitor of SOCE in non-excitable cells

trans-Ned 19

NAADP antagonist; inhibits Ca2+ release

MDL 12330A hydrochloride

Adenylyl cyclase inhibitor; also cyclic nucleotide PDE inhibitor


Fluorescent Ca2+ indicator

NPC 15199

Increases intracellular Ca2+ levels

DHBP dibromide

Ca2+ release inhibitor

cis-Ned 19

NAADP antagonist; inhibits Ca2+ release

MRS 1845

Potent SOCE inhibitor; blocks capacitative Ca2+ entry

Ned K

NAADP signaling inhibitor

Fluo-4 AM

Cell-permeable, fluorescent Ca2+ indicator
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