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PDD 00017273

Potent and selective poly (ADP ribose) glycohydrolase (PARG) inhibitor; cell permeable


Urease inhibitor

WWL 70

Potent ABHD6 inhibitor


O-GlcNAcase and β-hexosaminidase inhibitor

PD 404182

High affinity inhibitor of KDO 8-P synthase; also DDAH1 inhibitor

SCH 51344

Potent MTH1 inhibitor


Selective allosteric glutaminase (GLS1) inhibitor

WWL 123

α/β-hydrolase domain 6 (ABHD6) inhibitor; antiepileptic

Thiamet G

Potent O-GlcNAcase inhibitor

Nor NOHA monoacetate

Arginase inhibitor


Inhibits tetrahydrobiopterin synthesis and thus NOS activity

LDN 57444

Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase-L1 (UCH-L1) inhibitor

JW 480

Potent and selective inhibitor of serine hydrolase KIAA1363 (AADACL1)


PFKFB3 inhibitor

WWL 113

Ces3 and Ces1f inhibitor

PFK 15

Selective PFKFB3 inhibitor

ML 349

Selective and reversible lysophospholipase 2 (LYPLA2) inhibitor

ML 348

Selective and reversible lysophospholipase 1 (LYPLA1) inhibitor


Allosteric inhibitor of glutaminase

SC 57461A

Selective inhibitor of LTA4 hydrolase

JZP 430

Potent and irreversible α/β-hydrolase domain 6 (ABHD6) inhibitor

KLH 45

Potent DDHD2 inhibitor


Potent soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitor; orally bioavailable and brain penetrant


HIF-prolyl hydroxylase-2 (PHD2) inhibitor; antioxidant


MTH1 inhibitor
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