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Y-27632 dihydrochloride 

Selective p160ROCK inhibitor

SB 431542 

Potent, selective inhibitor of TGF-βRI, ALK4 and ALK7

Prostaglandin E2 

Major endogenous prostanoid

A 83-01 

Selective inhibitor of TGF-βRI, ALK4 and ALK7

IWP 2 

PORCN inhibitor; inhibits Wnt processing and secretion

SB 203580 

Selective inhibitor of p38 MAPK

A 769662 

Potent AMPK activator

PD 98059 

MEK inhibitor

LY 294002 hydrochloride 

Prototypical PI 3-kinase inhibitor; also inhibits other kinases

PD 173074 

FGFR1 and -3 inhibitor

SB 216763 

Potent, selective GSK-3 inhibitor


Potent GSK-3 inhibitor; also inhibits cdks

HLM 006474 

E2F transcription factor inhibitor


Selective PPARγ agonist; antidiabetic agent


Glutamate receptor ligand

Sinomenine hydrochloride 

Anti-inflammatory; causes mast cell degranulation and histamine release

Amiodarone hydrochloride 

Broad spectrum ion channel blocker; antiarrhythmic


PCAF/p300 inhibitor; anticancer


Antibiotic; inhibits bacterial type II topoisomerase


Dual ERK1/RasGAP inhibitor. Maintains ESC self-renewal


Enhances survival of human ESCs following enzymatic dissociation


DYRK1A/B inhibitor


Potent and selective Lck and Src inhibitor; also inhibits SIK


Group III mGlu agonist

ID 8 

Sustains self-renewal and pluripotency of ESCs

Epiblastin A 

CK1 inhibitor; converts epiblast stem cells to ESCs and promotes ESC self-renewal

YH 239-EE 

Promotes survival of muscle stem cells (MuSCs); MDM2 inhibitor; activates p53 activity

Y-27632 dihydrochloride 

Y-27632 synthesized to cGMP guidelines

SB 431542 

SB 431542 synthesized to cGMP guidelines
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