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NSC 23766 

Selective inhibitor of Rac1-GEF interaction; antioncogenic

EHT 1864 

Potent Rac family inhibitor


Non-competitive dynamin inhibitor

ML 141 

Selective Cdc42 Rho family inhibitor

Dynole 34-2 

Dynamin I inhibitor


DOCK2-Rac1 interaction inhibitor

ESI 09 

Epac inhibitor

Rhosin hydrochloride 

Rho inhibitor

Zoledronic Acid 

Potent farnesyl diphosphate (FPP) synthase inhibitor

YM 254890 

Gα-protein inhibitor; potent inhibitor of Gq/11 signaling

Mdivi 1 

Selective dynamin inhibitor; attenuates mitochondrial division and apoptosis


Noncompetitive Epac1 inhibitor


Sec7-specific GEF inhibitor; selective for cytohesin family

NAV 2729 

Selective ARF6 inhibitor


Dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1) inhibitor; cell-permeable

Hydroxy Dynasore 

Dynamin inhibitor; analog of dynasore (Cat. No. 2897)


RalA and RalB inhibitor


High affinity PDEδ-KRas interaction inhibitor; binds to PDEδ

Golgicide A 

Potent, selective and reversible inhibitor of GBF1 ArfGEF

HJC 0350 

Selective Epac2 inhibitor


Epac inhibitor; R-enantiomer of CE3F4 (Cat. No. 4793)

EHop 016 

Rac inhibitor

ESI 05 

Epac2 inhibitor

ML 210 

Selectively kills mutant HRAS-expressing cells; glutathione peroxidase inhibitor; induces ferroptosis
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