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P2X Receptor Antagonists: Products

ATP-gated ion channels, P2X purinergic receptors are composed of three subunits.

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NF 449 

Highly selective P2X1 antagonist

PPADS tetrasodium salt 

Non-selective P2 antagonist


Non-competitive P2X7 antagonist

A 438079 hydrochloride 

Competitive P2X7 antagonist

iso-PPADS tetrasodium salt 

Non-selective P2X antagonist

NF 157 

Selective P2Y11 and P2X1 antagonist

TNP-ATP triethylammonium salt 

Potent and selective P2X antagonist

AZ 10606120 dihydrochloride 

Potent P2X7 antagonist


Potent and selective P2X4 antagonist

A 740003 

Potent and selective P2X7 antagonist

JNJ 47965567 

Potent and selective P2X7 antagonist; brain penetrant

Evans Blue tetrasodium salt 

Dye for assessing cell viability and blood brain barrier permeability; also EAAT inhibitor and iGluR antagonist

NF 279 

Potent and selective P2X1 antagonist

NF 023 

Selective and competitive P2X1 antagonist


Potent and selective P2X1 antagonist

NF 110 

Potent P2X3 antagonist


Selective P2X3 and P2X2/3 antagonist

AZ 11645373 

Potent and selective human P2X7 antagonist

A 839977 

Potent P2X7 antagonist

A 804598 

Potent and selective P2X7 antagonist

BX 430 

Selective P2X4 allosteric antagonist

Ro 51 

Potent P2X3 and P2X2/3 antagonist

A 317491 sodium salt 

Selective, high affinity P2X3 and P2X2/3 antagonist; antinociceptive

BAY 1797 

Selective P2X4 antagonist
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