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PARP [Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase], also known as ADPRT and PPOL, is a 118-kDa enzyme that uses NAD as a substrate to catalyze the covalent transfer of ADP-ribose to a variety of nuclear protein acceptors.

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XAV 939 

Potent tankyrase inhibitor

Human/Mouse PARP Antibody 

5 Images
ICC/IF, IP, KO, Simple Western, WB

Human PARP Antibody 

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IHC, KO, Simple Western, WB

XAV 939 

XAV 939 synthesized to cGMP guidelines


Biotinylated-NAD+; substrate for ADP-ribosylation


PARP-1 inhibitor


Potent fluorescent PARP inhibitor; cell permeable


Potent PARP inhibitor

PJ 34 hydrochloride 

Potent PARP inhibitor

EB 47 

Potent PARP-1 inhibitor

JW 55 

Tankyrase inhibitor

AZD 2461 

Potent PARP inhibitor; orally bioavailable


PARP14 inhibitor; cell-permeable

Rucaparib camsylate 

PARP inhibitor

OUL 35 

Selective PARP-10 inhibitor


Biotinylated analog of β-NAD+; commonly used reagent in LSD1 and PARP1 assays


Fluorescent NAD+; substrate for ADP-ribosylation for use in PARP assays

BGP 15 

PARP inhibitor; cytoprotectant


Selective allosteric PARP14 inhibitor

Veliparib dihydrochloride 

High affinity PARP-1 and -2 inhibitor; orally bioavailable


PARP inhibitor; photoaffinity probe

SK 575 

Potent PARP1 Degrader (PROTAC®)

SK 575-NEG 

Negative control for SK 575 (Cat. No. 7583)


Nicotinamide synthesized to Ancillary Material Grade

HT PARP in vivo Pharmacodynamic ELISA Kit II 

For the quantitation of PAR in tissue culture cells and tumor lysates.

200 mM 3-Aminobenzamide 

10X Strep-Diluent 

PeroxyGlow A 

PeroxyGlow B 

Universal Chemiluminescent PARP Assay - Histone Coated Wells 

For the in vitro screening of candidate PARP-1 inhibitors

PARP Universal Colorimetric Assay Kit 

For the in vitro screening of candidate PARP-1 inhibitors

PARP/Apoptosis Colorimetric Assay Kit 

For the measurment of PARP-1 activity in cell extracts

PARP/Apoptosis Chemiluminescent Assay Kit 

For the measurment of PARP-1 activity in cell extracts
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