GMP ProDots™ Proteins for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

GMP ProDots Proteins

Welcome to the future of GMP cytokines and growth factors for cell and gene therapy manufacturing!

GMP ProDots Proteins are pre-aliquoted, lyophilized, and instantly dissolvable spheres of animal-free GMP cytokines or growth factors that are conveniently packaged into single-use bags for easy incorporation into closed-system manufacturing workflows.

GMP ProDots Proteins are designed to overcome the time and handing challenges currently facing the cell therapy industry. This innovative protein delivery system eliminates protein aliquoting and minimizes handling time, thus reducing the risk of GMP protein supplementation into culture media for cell and gene therapy manufacturing.




GMP IL-2 proteins packaged into easy-to-use lyophilized dots GMP IL-7 proteins packaged into easy-to-use lyophilized dots GMP IL-15 proteins packaged into easy-to-use lyophilized dots
GMP IL-2 ProDots GMP IL-7 ProDots GMP IL-15 ProDots

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What are GMP ProDots Proteins?

GMP ProDots Proteins are lyopholized spheres of animal-free GMP Proteins. These shperes are packaged into single-use bags for sterile docking into closed -system manufacturing platforms. GMP ProDots Proteins are manufactured under the same quality processes that our GMP Proteins undergo to ensure safe, reliable and consistent raw materials.

Features of GMP ProDots Proteins:

  • Manufactured under animal-free and GMP controlled conditions
  • Dissolve instantly in cell culture media or buffer
  • Equivalent bioactivity as standard lyophilized GMP proteins
  • Aseptically packaged into single-use bags and tested to USP <71> guidelines
  • Each bag contains a pre-aliquoted amount of GMP 5µg protein dots
  • Bags contain weldable tubing and a syringe port injection for sterile docking


GMP Pro Dots Proteins


Increase Your Cell Therapy Manufacturing Efficiency and Reduce Risk

GMP ProDots Proteins offer a number of time, cost, and functional advantages over standard lyophilized proteins, making them ideal for incorporating into cell manufacturing protocols.

Why Use GMP ProDots Proteins?

  • Eliminates protein aliquoting
  • Reduces unused reconstituted protein waste
  • Quickly welds into standard closed-system tubing
  • Streamlines protocols and limits handling errors
  • Improves efficiency of GMP protein supplementation

GMP ProDots Increase Efficiency, Minimizes Cost, and Reduces Risk


Learn how to integrate GMP ProDots Proteins in your manufacturing process with our GMP ProDots Proteins User Guide


Equivalent Bioactivity to Standard GMP Growth Factors and Cytokines

R&D Systems GMP cytokines and growth factors are known for their high bioactivity. You can expect the same from GMP ProDots Proteins. In fact, the same bulk GMP protein stocks are used to formulate both our GMP ProDots and standard lyophilized GMP proteins. Our rigorous quality control and performance testing shows that standard format and GMP ProDots Proteins have similar bioactivity profiles.

GMP ProDots Proteins have Equivalent Bioactivity to Standard GMP Growth Factors and Cytokines

GMP ProDots IL-2 Promotes T Cell Expansion
ProDots Recombinant Human IL-2 GMP bioactivity was compared to the bioactivity of standard lyophilized Recombinant Human IL-2 GMP from R&D Systems. Human T cells were expanded for 9 days from peripheral blood mononuclear cells using either GMP ProDots IL-2 or standard IL-2 in combination with ExCellerate T Cell Media and the Cloudz T Cell Activation Kit.



Custom Options for GMP ProDots Proteins

Interested in GMP ProDots Proteins but need custom protein amounts or want a GMP ProDot of a growth factor of cytokine not currently offered? Our experienced custom services team is ready to help! Fill out a custom request.