Human Phospho-MAPK Array Kit


The Human Phospho-Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) Antibody Array (Catalog # ARY002B) is an economical tool used to simultaneously detect the relative phosphorylation of 24 kinases without performing numerous immunoprecipitation and/or Western blots. Kinases are captured by 26 different antibodies spotted in duplicate on a nitrocellulose membrane. Levels of phosphorylated protein are then assessed using phospho-specific antibodies and chemiluminescent detection.

Simultaneously detect the relative phosphorylation of these kinases in a single sample.
Akt1 HSP27 p38 beta
Akt2 JNK1 p38 delta
Akt3 JNK2 p38 gamma
Akt pan JNK3 p53
CREB JNK pan p70 S6K
GSK-3 alpha/beta MSK2 TOR
GSK-3 beta p38 alpha  

General Assay Principle

Carefully selected capture antibodies have been spotted in duplicate on nitrocellulose membranes. Cell lysate samples are diluted and mixed with a cocktail of biotinylated detection antibodies. The sample/antibody mixture is then incubated with the array. Any protein/detection antibody complex present is bound by its cognate immobilized capture antibody on the membrane. Streptavidin-Horseradish Peroxidase and chemiluminescent detection reagents are added, and a signal is produced in proportion to the amount of cytokine bound. Chemiluminescence is detected in the same manner as a Western blot.

Kit Contents

Each Human MAPK Antibody Array Kit contains most of the necessary components for a ready-to-run assay without the need for specialized equipment.*

  • 4-Array Membranes
  • 4-Well Multi-dish
  • Lysis Buffer
  • Array Buffers
  • Wash Buffer
  • Detection Antibody Cocktail
  • Streptavidin-HRP
  • Chemiluminescent Detection Reagents
  • Transparency Overlay Template
  • Detailed product datasheet with protocol

For a complete list of the kit contents and necessary materials, please see the Materials Provided/ Other Supplies Required sections of the product datasheet.