Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A

Contains 4 membranes - each spotted in duplicate with 40 different cytokine antibodies
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The Mouse Cytokine Array, Panel A utilizes capture antibodies spotted onto a nitrocellulose membrane to allow high-throughput multi-analyte profiling of 40 cytokines, chemokines, and more in a single sample.
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Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A Summary

Kit Summary

A membrane-based antibody array for the parallel determination of the relative levels of selected mouse cytokines and chemokines. Validated for analyte detection in cell culture supernates, cell lysates, tissue lysates, serum, and plasma.

Troubleshooting Guide

Key Benefits

  • Detects 40 mouse cytokines, chemokines, and acute phase proteins simultaneously
  • Requires no specialized equipment
  • Compatible with LI-COR* and chemiluminescence detection
*If using a LI-COR, additional reagents and protocol modifications are required.  Refer to protocol.

Principle of the Assay

The Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A is a membrane-based sandwich immunoassay. Samples are mixed with a cocktail of biotinylated detection antibodies (Step 1) and then incubated with the array membrane which is spotted in duplicate with capture antibodies to specific target proteins (Step 2). Captured proteins are visualized using chemiluminescent detection reagents (Step 3). The signal produced is proportional to the amount of analyte bound.

Why Use an Antibody Array to Detect Multiple Cytokines?

Determining the expression of multiple cytokines in a single sample can be expensive, time consuming and can require specialized equipment. Performing multiple immunoprecipitations and Western blots requires time, labor, and reagents. The use of a multiplex antibody array to detect multiple cytokines in a single sample can be cost-effective and also save time and sample.



Kit Contents
  • Rectangular 4-Well Multi-dish
  • 4 Mouse Cytokine Array, Panel A nitrocellulose membranes spotted with 40 different antibodies to mouse cytokines, chemokines, and acute phase proteins
  • Array Buffer 4
  • Array Buffer 6
  • Chemi Reagent 1
  • Chemi Reagent 2
  • Detection Antibody Cocktail, Mouse Cytokine Array, Panel A
  • Streptavidin-HRP
  • Transparency Overlay Template
  • Wash Buffer Concentrate (25X)

For a complete list of the kit contents and necessary materials, please see the Materials Provided/Other Supplies Required sections of the product datasheet.

Stability and Storage

Store the unopened kit at 2 °C to 8 °C. Do not use past kit expiration date.  

Simultaneously detect the levels of these cytokines, chemokines, and acute phase proteins in a single sample.
C5a IL-6 CCL2/JE/MCP-1
CCL1/I-309 IL-12 p70 CCL3/MIP-1 alpha
CCL11/Eotaxin IL-13 CCL4/MIP-1 beta
IL-1 alpha/IL-1F1 IL-23 CXCL12/SDF-1
IL-1 beta/IL-1F2 IL-27 CCL17/TARC
IL-1ra/IL-1F3 CXCL10/IP-10 TIMP-1
IL-2 CXCL11/I-TAC TNF-alpha


Assays for Analytes represented in the Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A

Analyte Quantikine® ELISA Kits DuoSet® ELISA Development Systems
C5a   DY2150
CCL1/I-309/TCA-3   DY845
CCL11/Eotaxin MME00 DY420
ICAM-1 MIC100 DY796
IFN-gamma MIF00 DY485
IL-1 alpha MLA00 DY400
IL-1 beta MLB00B DY401
IL-1ra MRA00 DY480
IL-2 M2000 DY402
IL-3 M3000 DY403
IL-4 M4000B DY404
IL-5 M5000 DY405
IL-6 M6000B DY406
IL-7 M7000 DY407
IL-10 M1000b DY417
IL-12 p70 M1270 DY419
IL-13 M1300CB DY413
IL-17 M1700 DY421
IL-23 M2300 DY1887
IL-27 M2728  
CXCL10/IP-10/CRG-2 MCX100 DY466
CXCL11/I-TAC   DY572
CCL12/MCP-5 MCC120 DY428
CCL3/MIP-1 alpha MMA00 DY450
CCL4/MIP-1 beta MMB00 DY451
CXCL2/MIP-2 MM200 DY452
CXCL12/SDF-1 MCX120 DY460
CCL17/TARC   DY529
TIMP-1 MTM100 DY980
TNF-alpha MTA00 DY410
TREM-1 MTRM10 DY1187


Shipping Conditions
The product is shipped with polar packs. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
Store the unopened product at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use past expiration date.

Product Datasheets

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Scientific Data

The Mouse Cytokine Array, Panel A utilizes capture antibodies spotted onto a nitrocellulose membrane to allow high-throughput multi-analyte profiling of 40 cytokines, chemokines, and more in a single sample. Mouse splenocytes treated with 100 ng/mL LPS for 20 hours were mixed with a cocktail of biotinylated detection antibodies, and then incubated with the Mouse Cytokine Array. The array was then incubated with streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase followed by chemiluminescent detection. After detection, the array data were quantitated to generate a protein profile (histogram). The table shows the analytes detected and their location on the membrane.

The Mouse Cytokine Array detects multiple analytes in cell culture lysates and supernates. (A. and B.) Lysates of RAW264.7 mouse monocyte/macrophage cell line untreated or treated with 100 ng/mL LPS for 24 hours. 100 µg of lysate was used for each array shown. (C. and D.) Supernates of RAW264.7 mouse monocyte/macrophage cell line untreated or treated with 100 ng/mL LPS for 24 hours. 100 µL of supernate was used for each array shown. Array images were collected and analyzed using the LI-COR Odyssey Infrared Imaging System.

The Mouse Cytokine Array detects multiple analytes in mouse serum and tissue lysates. (A and B.) Samples of mouse serum from two different vendors. 200 µL of serum was used for each array shown. (C. and D.) Lysates of mouse lung tissue and mouse stomach tissue. 200 µg of lysate was used for each array shown. Array images were collected and analyzed using the LI-COR Odyssey Infrared Imaging System.

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    Authors: Passos G, Medeiros R, Cheng D, Vasilevko V, Laferla F, Cribbs D
    Am J Pathol, 2013-03-05;182(5):1740-9.  2013-03-05
  311. Blockade of NOX2 and STIM1 signaling limits lipopolysaccharide-induced vascular inflammation.
    Authors: Gandhirajan, Rajesh K, Meng, Shu, Chandramoorthy, Harish C, Mallilankaraman, Karthik, Mancarella, Salvator, Gao, Hui, Razmpour, Roshanak, Yang, Xiao-Fen, Houser, Steven R, Chen, Ju, Koch, Walter J, Wang, Hong, Soboloff, Jonathan, Gill, Donald L, Madesh, Muniswam
    J Clin Invest, 2013-01-25;123(2):887-902.  2013-01-25
  312. The MSHA Strain of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Activated TLR Pathway and Enhanced HIV-1 DNA Vaccine Immunoreactivity.
    Authors: Hou J, Liu Y, Liu Y, Shao Y
    PLoS ONE, 2012-10-15;7(10):e47724.  2012-10-15
  313. Interleukin-33 primes mast cells for activation by IgG immune complexes.
    Authors: Kaieda S, Wang J, Shnayder R, Fishgal N, Hei H, Lee R, Stevens R, Nigrovic P
    PLoS ONE, 2012-10-11;7(10):e47252.  2012-10-11
  314. NLRP3 suppresses NK cell-mediated responses to carcinogen-induced tumors and metastases.
    Authors: Chow M, Sceneay J, Paget C, Wong C, Duret H, Tschopp J, Moller A, Smyth M
    Cancer Res, 2012-09-17;72(22):5721-32.  2012-09-17
  315. TGFbeta signalling plays an important role in IL4-induced alternative activation of microglia.
    J Neuroinflammation, 2012-09-04;9(0):210.  2012-09-04
  316. Chitin elicits CCL2 from airway epithelial cells and induces CCR2-dependent innate allergic inflammation in the lung.
    J. Immunol., 2012-07-30;189(5):2545-52.  2012-07-30
  317. Exosomes isolated from mycobacteria-infected mice or cultured macrophages can recruit and activate immune cells in vitro and in vivo.
    Authors: Singh PP, Smith VL, Karakousis PC, Schorey JS
    J. Immunol., 2012-06-20;189(2):777-85.  2012-06-20
  318. Macrophage Dectin-1 Expression Is Controlled by Leukotriene B4 via a GM-CSF/PU.1 Axis.
    Authors: Serezani CH, Kane S, Collins L
    J. Immunol., 2012-06-13;189(2):906-15.  2012-06-13
  319. CX3CL1 expression in the conjunctiva is involved in immune cell trafficking during toxic ocular surface inflammation.
    Authors: Denoyer A, Godefroy D, Celerier I, Frugier J, Riancho L, Baudouin F, Rostene W, Baudouin C
    Mucosal Immunol, 2012-06-13;5(0):702.  2012-06-13
  320. A novel small molecule, HK-156, inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced activation of NF-kappaB signaling and improves survival in mouse models of sepsis.
    Acta Pharmacol. Sin., 2012-06-11;33(9):1204-16.  2012-06-11
  321. Histone Deacetylase 3 Mediates Allergic Skin Inflammation by Regulating Expression of MCP1 Protein.
    Authors: Kim Y, Kim K, Park D, Lee E, Lee H, Lee YS, Choe J, Jeoung D
    J. Biol. Chem., 2012-06-07;287(31):25844-59.  2012-06-07
  322. Abcg2 deficiency augments oxidative stress and cognitive deficits in Tg-SwDI transgenic mice.
    J. Neurochem., 2012-06-06;233(0):456-469.  2012-06-06
  323. Pten loss in CD4 T cells enhances their helper function but does not lead to autoimmunity or lymphoma.
    Authors: Soond DR, Garcon F, Patton DT, Rolf J, Turner M, Scudamore C, Garden OA, Okkenhaug K
    J. Immunol., 2012-05-18;188(12):5935-43.  2012-05-18
  324. Early-outgrowth bone marrow cells attenuate renal injury and dysfunction via an antioxidant effect in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes.
    Diabetes, 2012-05-17;61(8):2114-25.  2012-05-17
  325. Clusterin induces the secretion of TNF-α and the chemotactic migration of macrophages.
    Authors: Shim YJ, Kang BH, Choi BK, Park IS, Min BH
    Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 2012-05-07;422(1):200-5.  2012-05-07
  326. Dietary blue pigments derived from genipin, attenuate inflammation by inhibiting LPS-induced iNOS and COX-2 expression via the NF-kappaB inactivation.
    Authors: Wang QS, Xiang Y, Cui YL, Lin KM, Zhang XF
    PLoS ONE, 2012-03-30;7(3):e34122.  2012-03-30
  327. A new human DSG2-transgenic mouse model for studying the tropism and pathology of human adenoviruses.
    Authors: Wang H, Beyer I, Persson J, Song H, Li Z, Richter M, Cao H, van Rensburg R, Yao X, Hudkins K, Yumul R, Zhang XB, Yu M, Fender P, Hemminki A, Lieber A
    J. Virol., 2012-03-28;86(11):6286-302.  2012-03-28
  328. The synthetic triterpenoid CDDO-methyl ester delays estrogen receptor-negative mammary carcinogenesis in polyoma middle T mice.
    Authors: Tran K, Risingsong R, Royce D
    Cancer Prev Res (Phila), 2012-03-08;5(5):726-34.  2012-03-08
  329. The role of alveolar epithelial cells in initiating and shaping pulmonary immune responses: communication between innate and adaptive immune systems.
    Authors: Chuquimia OD, Petursdottir DH, Rahman MJ, Hartl K, Singh M, Fernandez C
    PLoS ONE, 2012-02-29;7(2):e32125.  2012-02-29
  330. Preventing phosphorylation of sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1a by MAP-kinases protects mice from fatty liver and visceral obesity.
    Authors: Kotzka J, Knebel B, Haas J, Kremer L, Jacob S, Hartwig S, Nitzgen U, Muller-Wieland D
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  331. Liver-specific expression of transcriptionally active SREBP-1c is associated with fatty liver and increased visceral fat mass.
    Authors: Knebel B, Haas J, Hartwig S, Jacob S, Kollmer C, Nitzgen U, Muller-Wieland D, Kotzka J
    PLoS ONE, 2012-02-21;7(2):e31812.  2012-02-21
  332. The effect of oxidized low density lipoprotein (oxLDL)-induced heme oxygenase-1 on LPS-induced inflammation in RAW 264.7 macrophage cells.
    Authors: Min KJ, Cho KH, Kwon TK
    Cell. Signal., 2012-02-10;24(6):1215-21.  2012-02-10
  333. Identification and functional characterization of novel phosphorylation sites in TAK1-binding protein (TAB) 1.
    Authors: Wolf A, Beuerlein K, Eckart C, Weiser H, Dickkopf B, Muller H, Sakurai H, Kracht M
    PLoS ONE, 2011-12-22;6(12):e29256.  2011-12-22
  334. Murine bone marrow-derived macrophages differentiated with GM-CSF become foam cells by PI3Kgamma-dependent fluid-phase pinocytosis of native LDL.
    Authors: Anzinger JJ, Chang J, Xu Q, Barthwal MK, Bohnacker T, Wymann MP, Kruth HS
    J. Lipid Res., 2011-11-04;53(1):34-42.  2011-11-04
  335. Stromal interaction essential for vascular endothelial growth factor A-induced tumour growth via transforming growth factor-beta signalling.
    Authors: Weidenaar AC, Ter Elst A, Kampen KR, Meeuwsen-de Boer TG, de Jonge HJ, Scherpen FJ, den Dunnen WF, Kamps WA, de Bont ES
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  336. Attenuation of leukocyte recruitment via CXCR1/2 inhibition stops the progression of PAH in mice with genetic ablation of endothelial BMPR-II.
    Authors: Burton VJ, Holmes AM, Ciuclan LI
    Blood, 2011-09-07;118(17):4750-8.  2011-09-07
  337. Inhibition of IL-32 activation by alpha-1 antitrypsin suppresses alloreactivity and increases survival in an allogeneic murine marrow transplantation model.
    Authors: Marcondes AM, Li X, Tabellini L, Bartenstein M, Kabacka J, Sale GE, Hansen JA, Dinarello CA, Deeg HJ
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  338. Fine-tuning nucleophosmin in macrophage differentiation and activation.
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  339. Intratracheal transplantation of human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells attenuates Escherichia coli-induced acute lung injury in mice.
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    Authors: Diao J, Zhao J, Winter E
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  1. Will the Array identification number stamped on the Array membrane interfere with detection if it is not cut-off before the membrane is blocked?

    • The dye used for printing the Array identification number on the membranes will fluoresce and interfere with the LI-COR detection. It is critical that the number is cut off before beginning the experiment. 

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Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Khuynh Nguyen on 08/15/2023

The kit works very well

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 02/25/2023

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Andres Ocampo on 10/11/2022

Mouse Cytokine Antibody Array was used in serum from Prolactin Receptor wild type baby mice after the mother's high-fat diet feeding for 21 days of lactation, and results were compared with Control Diet (CD). A low-level pro-inflammatory mechanism could be confirmed due to the modulation of inflammation-associated cytokines.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 03/01/2022

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Martin Torres on 10/01/2021

The array was used to test the anti-inflammatory potential from Octopus vulgaris ink extracts on LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 cells. Results obtained were in agreement with other biochemical and in vitro test. We have used this kit in several LPS-challenged murine macrophages. Fig. A shows the expression level of each cytokine against the control (LPS only-treated macrophages); B shows a bioinformatic arrangement of the modulated cytokines, and C shows a predictive analysis from the results obtained in this kit.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Martin Torres on 09/23/2021

Pro and anti-inflammatory cytokines were evaluated in RAW264.7 macrophages treated with LPS (1 microgram/mL) and a South American berry (ABJ). Results obtained showed the modulation of several cytokines indicated in this kit. We have conducted several evaluations of these cytokines using this kit and results never disappoint. What we like the most is that this assay allows the evaluation of several cytokines that would take a lot of time by conventional techniques such as ELISA or Western Blot.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 09/23/2021

20 ul serum was used to perform the experiment.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 08/31/2021

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anil Singh on 08/25/2021

mouse serum 200ul used for cancer model

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Gaurav Kumar on 08/17/2021

Used serum to see the role of gene in pavreatic cancer

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Allison Scarpitti on 05/10/2021

Phenomenal results, consistent performance and excellent translation to use with Streptavidin-800. On step 11, I swapped the Streptavidin-HRP for a 1:2,000 ratio of Streptavidin-800. Then followed with the wash steps and the result is as posted.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 03/06/2021

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By jinxiu PAN on 02/24/2020


Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 02/12/2020

mouse tissues

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 02/12/2020

serum from knock-out mice

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 02/08/2020

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 12/10/2019

Followed protocol exactly, 10 min exposure on film wasn't great, boosted to 20 min exposure, still not good. 5 min on digital imager and positive control spots were saturated! Much more sensitive!

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 06/06/2019

T cells isolated and stimulated with various agonists.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 04/05/2019


Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Ivan Luzardo on 03/13/2019

This array was used to measure the modulation of inflammation-associated cytokines in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 macrophages treated with several doses of the non-digestible fraction from a corn/bean snack.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Brian Englar on 02/07/2019

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 12/26/2018

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Ivan Luzardo on 12/11/2018

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 11/11/2018

High quality results with simple and straightforward protocol. No optimization needed.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 07/19/2018

instructions easy to follow. I needed a little longer than the 10 minute exposure due to low protein concentrations from my very small tissues.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 04/26/2018

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Adam Guess on 10/20/2017

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 09/27/2017

Very sensitive cytokine assay!

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 07/14/2017

performed on cell conditoned media from mouse fibroblasts

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Michelle Chen on 05/10/2017

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Camila Idelí Morales Fénero on 03/15/2017

Assay tested in 200 ug of protein from pool of intestines of 10 dpf zebrafish larvae.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 02/27/2017

Mouse BALF samples from pooled control and treatment groups in 2 separate arrays to determine the altered cytokine response.

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 01/27/2017

Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from C57BL/6J mouse

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Anonymous on 10/06/2016

Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A
By Kihong Lim on 09/29/2016