MimEX™ Tissue Model Systems

Friday, March 02, 2018 - 13:29

This video provides an overview of MimEX™ Tissue Model Systems, a next-generation 3-dimensional (3-D) cell culture platform for the generation of ex vivo epithelial-derived organ tissue. Learn the basics about how to incorporate this model system into your research, including how it compares to existing 3-D cell culture and organoid models. MimEX™ Tissue Model Systems harnesses the unique characteristics of adult ground-state epithelial stem cells to generate ex vivo organ tissue that recapitulates native cytoarchitecture and mimics physiological attributes of the desired organ. Consisting of optimized media and reagents, MimEX™ Tissue Model Systems provides an alternative to current 3-D cell culture modes, such as organoids, with the added benefit of better tissue access, control of tissue variability, and regional and disease tissue specificity.

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