Western blotting antibodies for analytes related to the Human Phospho-Kinase Array Kit

Analyte Phospho-Specific Antibodies Affinity Purified Polyclonal Antibodies (Total) Monoclonal Antibodies (Total) Labeled Antibodies (Total)
Akt (S473) AF887 (S473) AF2055 MAB2055  
Akt (T308)   AF2055 MAB2055  
AMPK alpha1 (T174)   AF3197 MAB3197  
AMPK alpha2 (T172)   AF2850    
beta-Catenin PPS020 (S33/S37) AF1329 MAB1329, MAB13291, MAB13292 BAF1329
Chk-2 (T68) AF1626 (T68) AF1358    
c-Jun (S63)   AF2670 MAB2670  
CREB (S133) AF2510 (S133) AF2989   BAF2989
eNOS (S1177)   AF950   BAF950
ERK1/2 (T202/Y204, T185/Y187) AF1018 (T202/Y204, T185/Y187), MAB1018 (T202/Y204, T185/Y187) AF1576 MAB1576  
FAK (Y397) AF4528 (Y397) AF4467 MAB4467  
Fgr (Y412)   AF3207 MAB3207  
Fyn (Y420)     MAB3574  
GSK-3 alpha/beta (S21/S9) AF1590 (S21/S9) AF2157    
Hck (Y411)     MAB3915  
HSP27 (S78/S82) AF2314 (S78/S82) AF1580, AF15801    
JNK pan (T183/Y185, T221/Y223) AF1205 (T183/Y185, T221/Y223) AF1387 MAB1387  
Lck (Y394)        
Lyn (Y397)   AF3206 MAB3206  
MEK1/2 (S218/S222, S222/S226) AF2506 (S218/S222, S222/S226)   MAB2678  
MSK1/2 (S376/S360) AF1094      
p27 (T157) AF1555 (T157) AF2256 MAB2256  
p27 (T198) AF3994 (T198) AF2256 MAB2256  
p38 alpha (T180/Y182)   AF8691 MAB869  
p53 (S15) AF1043 (S15), MAB1839 (S15) AF1355 MAB1355 BAF1355, HAF1355
p53 (S46) AF1489 (S46) AF1355 MAB1355 BAF1355, HAF1355
p53 (S392) AF2996 (S392) AF1355 MAB1355 BAF1355, HAF1355
p70 S6 Kinase (T229) AF896 (T229) AF8962, AF8964 MAB8962  
p70 S6 Kinase (T389) AF8963 (T389) AF8962, AF8964 MAB8962  
p70 S6 Kinase (T421/S424) AF8965 (T421/S424) AF8962, AF8964 MAB8962  
Paxillin (Y118) MAB6164 AF4259 MAB4259 BAF4259
PLC gamma-1 (Y783)   AF3288 MAB3288  
Pyk2 (Y402)   AF4589    
RSK1/2 (S221) AF892 (S221, S227)      
RSK1/2/3 (S380) AF889 (S380)      
Src (Y419) AF2685 (Y419) AF3389 MAB3389  
STAT1 (Y701) AF2894 (Y701)      
STAT2 (Y689) AF2890 (Y689) PAF-ST2 MAB1666  
STAT3 (Y705) AF4607 (Y705) AF17991 MAB1799  
STAT4 (Y693) AF4319 (Y693) PAF-ST4 MAB5287  
STAT5a (Y699)     MAB2174  
STAT5a/b (Y699) AF4190 (Y699) AF2168    
STAT5b (Y699)   AF1584 MAB1584  
STAT6 (Y641) AF3717 (Y641) AF2167, AF21671 MAB2167  
TOR (S2448) AF1665 (S2448) AF15371    
Yes (Y426)   AF3205 MAB32051