Detection of FoxP3 in Regulatory T Cells

Products for Regulatory T Cell Research
R&D Systems is the most comprehensive source for regulatory T cell research tools. We offer a wide range of fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies, ELISA Kits, and reagents for regulatory T cell selection, differentiation, and culture. We have also just released a new FoxP3 monoclonal antibody for flow cytometry. Advantages of this antibody include:
  • Human and mouse cross-reactive - Qualified to detect FoxP3 in natural and induced regulatory T cells
  • Available as either a 100-test size APC-, PE-, or Alexa Fluor 488-conjugated antibody or as part of a 25- or 100-test size kit containing buffers optimized for FoxP3 staining
  • Staining comparable to other antibody clones on the market but at a significantly reduced price

Additional Key Products for Human/Mouse Treg Research

Cell Selection Catalog #
MagCellect™ Human or Mouse CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cell Isolation Kits MAGH104;


Cell Culture Products Catalog #
Recombinant Human or Recombinant Mouse IL-2 202-IL;
Recombinant Human or Recombinant Mouse TGF-beta 1 240-B;
Mouse Anti-Human CD3 epsilon or Hamster Anti-Mouse CD3 epsilon Monoclonal Antibodies MAB100;
Rat Anti-Mouse CD3 Monoclonal Antibody MAB4841
Mouse Anti-Human CD28 Monoclonal Antibody MAB342
Goat Anti-Mouse CD28 Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibody AF483

Flow Cytometry Antibodies for Detecting Key Regulatory T Cell Surface and Intracellular Markers

Molecule Species Clone Fluorochrome-Conjugate Catalog #
5' Nucleotidase/CD73 Human 606112 APC FAB5795A
    606112 PE FAB5795P
    606112 Unlabeled MAB5795
  Mouse 496406 APC FAB4488A
    496406 FITC FAB4488F
    496406 PE FAB4488P
    Polyclonal Unlabeled AF4488
    496406 Unlabeled MAB4488
CD4 Human 11830 APC FAB3791A
    11830 FITC FAB3791F
    11830 PE FAB3791P
    11830 PerCP FAB3791C
    11830 Alexa Fluor 700 FAB3791N
    34930 Unlabeled MAB379
  Mouse GK1.5 APC FAB554A
    GK1.5 FITC FAB554F
    GK1.5 PE FAB554P
    GK1.5 PrePC FAB554C
    GK1.5 Alexa Fluor 488 FAB554G
    GK1.5 Alexa Fluor 700 FAB554N
    GK1.5 Unlabeled MAB554
CD25/IL-2 R alpha Human 24212 APC FAB1020A
    24212 PE FAB1020P
    24212 Alexa Fluor 488 FAB1020G
    Polyclonal Unlabeled AF-223-NA
    24212 Unlabeled MAB1020
  Mouse 280406 APC FAB2438A
    280406 PE FAB2438P
    280406 PerCP FAB2438C
    280406 Alexa Fluor 488 FAB2438G
    280406 Unlabeled MAB2438
  Mouse/Rat Polyclonal PE FAB6750P
CD39/ENTPD1 Human 498403 APC FAB4397A
    498403 FITC FAB4397F
    498403 PE FAB4397P
    498403 Unlabeled MAB4397
  Mouse 495826 APC FAB4398A
    495826 FITC FAB4398F
    495826 PE FAB4398P
    Polyclonal Unlabeled AF4398
    495826 Unlabeled MAB4398
CTLA-4 Human Polyclonal APC FAB386A
    Polyclonal PE FAB386P
    Polyclonal Unlabeled AF-386-PB
  Mouse 63828 APC FAB434A
    63828 FITC FAB434F
    63828 PE FAB434P
    63828 Unlabeled MAB434
FoxP3 Human/Mouse   APC IC8214A
      PE IC8214P
      Alexa Fluor 488 IC8214G
FoxP3, 25-Test Size Kit Human/Mouse   APC FPK8214A-025
      PE FPK8214P-025
FoxP3, 100-Test Size Kit Human/Mouse   APC FPK8214A-100
      PE FPK8214P-100
GITR/TNFRSF18 Human 110416 APC FAB689A
    110416 FITC FAB689F
    110416 PE FAB689P
    110416 Alexa Fluor 488 FAB689G
    Polyclonal Unlabeled AF689
    110416 Unlabeled MAB689
  Mouse 108619 APC FAB5241A
    108619 FITC FAB5241F
    108619 PE FAB5241P
    108619 Unlabeled MAB5241
IL-10 Human 127107 FITC IC2172F
    127107 PE IC2172P
    127107 PerCP IC2172C
IL-12/IL-35 p35 Human/Mouse 27537 APC IC2191A
    27537 FITC IC2191F
    27537 PE IC2191P
    27537 PerCP IC2191C
    27537 Unlabeled MAB1570
IL-27/IL-35 EBI3 Subunit Human 607201 APC IC6456A
    607201 Alexa Fluor 488 IC6456G
    607201 Unlabeled MAB6456
  Mouse 355022 APC IC18341A
    355022 PE IC18341P
    355022 PerCP IC18341C
Integrin alpha E/CD103 Mouse Polyclonal APC FAB1990A
    Polyclonal PE FAB1990P
    Polyclonal Alexa Fluor 488 FAB1990G
    Polyclonal Unlabeled AF1990
LAG-3/CD223 Human Polyclonal APC FAB2319A
    Polyclonal FITC FAB2319F
    Polyclonal PE FAB2319P
    Polyclonal PerCP FAB2319C
    Polyclonal Unlabeled AF2319
  Mouse Polyclonal PE FAB3328P
    631501 PE FAB33281P
    631501 Alexa Fluor 488 FAB33281G
    631501 Unlabeled MAB33281
LAP (TGF-beta 1) Human 27232 APC FAB2463A
    27232 PE FAB2463P
    27232 PerCP FAB2463C
    27232 Alexa Fluor 488 FAB2463G
    27232 Alexa Fluor 700 FAB2463N
    27232 Unlabeled MAB2463
LRRC32/GARP Human 855151 APC FAB6055A
    855151 PE FAB6055P
  Mouse 725226 APC FAB62291A
    725226 PerCP FAB62291C
    725226 Alexa Fluor 488 FAB62291G
    725226 Alexa Fluor 700 FAB62291N
    725226 Unlabeled MAB62291
Neuropilin-1 Human 446921 APC FAB3870A
    446921 FITC FAB3870F
    446921 PE FAB3870P
    446921 PerCP FAB3870C
    446921 Alexa Fluor 700 FAB3870N
    Polyclonal Unlabeled AF3870
    446921 Unlabeled MAB3870
  Mouse 761705 APC FAB5994A
    761705 PE FAB5994P
    761705 Alexa Fluor 488 FAB5994G
    761705 Alexa Fluor 700 FAB5994N
    761705 Unlabeled MAB5994
    761704 Unlabeled MAB59941
  Mouse/Rat Polyclonal APC FAB566A
    Polyclonal FITC FAB566F
    Polyclonal PE FAB566P
    Polyclonal PerCP FAB566C
    Polyclonal Alexa Fluor 700 FAB566N
OX40/TNFRSF4 Human 443318 APC FAB3388A
    443318 FITC FAB3388F
    443318 PE FAB3388P
    Polyclonal Unlabeled AF3388
    443318 Unlabeled MAB3388
  Mouse Polyclonal PE FAB1256P
L-Selectin/CD62L Human Monoclonal FITC BBA33
    4G8 Unlabeled BBA24
  Mouse 95218 FITC FAB5761F
    95218 PE FAB5761P
    95205 Unlabeled MAB576
    95218 Unlabeled MAB5761
    496214 Unlabeled MAB5762
STAT5a Human 251610 FITC IC21741F
    251610 PE IC21741P
    251610 Unlabeled MAB21741
Phospho-STAT5a/b (Y699) Human Polyclonal Unlabeled AF4190
STAT5b Human 389215 Unlabeled MAB1584
  Human/Mouse Polyclonal Unlabeled AF1584
TIGIT Human 741182 APC FAB7898A
  Mouse Polyclonal APC FAB7267A
    Polyclonal Alexa Fluor 488 FAB7267G
TGF-beta 1 Human 9016 APC IC240A
    9016 FITC IC240F
    9016 PE IC240P
  Multi-species 9016 Unlabeled MAB240
TGF-beta 1, 2, 3 Multi-species 1D11 APC IC1835A
    1D11 PE IC1835P